Hall of Fame
Season 2011/12
Organiser: Barry Spence
Venue: Kingsway Church,Dunmurry
Fees per night: Senior 1; Youth 50p
Clubnights: Monday evenings as arranged
This season, we returned to our usual venue (Kingsway Church, Dunmurry) following refurbishment. There were only four Clubnights, which produced the following Championship Table.

Belfast Barbarians Subbuteo Club
Season 2011/12

Results & Championship Table 2011/12

4th Clubnight 20th Aug 2012, 7:30pm
Six players attended the 4th and final Clubnight of the season. Results

1. Kenny Beggs, 15 pts
2. Barry Spence, 12 pts
3. Alistair Morrison, 9 pts
4. Andrew Morrison, 6 pts
5. Ernie Bickerstaff, 3 pts
6. Stevie Gorman, 0 pt

Belfast Barbarians players at the season's final clubnight

3rd Clubnight Mon 23rd April 2012, 7:30pm
The third Clubnight of the season at King's Way Church, Dunmurry. Five players attended, including newcomer, Stevie Gorman. The round-robin finished as follows:

1. Kenny Beggs, 12 pts
2. Barry Spence, 9 pts
3. Alistair Morrison, 6 pts
4. Ernie Bickerstaff, 1 pt
5. Stevie Gorman, 1 pt

Results & Championship Table

2nd Clubnight - Return to Kingsway 26th March 2012
With renovations now complete, Belfast Barbarians returned to the club's old venue, Kingsway Church in Dunmurry, for the 2nd Clubnight of the Season. Ernie Bickerstaff was a welcome newcomer and he joined in the four-player round robin.

Stephen Rodgers 2-0 Ernie Bickerstaff
Kenny Beggs 3-0 Barry Spence
Stephen Rodgers 1-5 Barry Spence
Kenny Beggs 4-0 Ernie Bickerstaff
Kenny Beggs 4-0 Stephen Rodgers
Barry Spence 4-0 Ernie Bickerstaff

1. Kenny Beggs, 9 pts
2. Barry Spence, 6 pts
3. Stephen Rodgers, 3 pts
4. Ernie Bickerstaff, 0 pts

Results & Championship Table

1st Clubnight Tue 20th Dec 2011
Barbarians League Season commenced at Belvoir Parish Church. The Subbuteo and the customary Christmas refreshments were enjoyed by all.

1. Kenny Beggs
2. Andrew Morrison
3. Barry Spence
4. John Hughes
5. Peter Morrison
6. Jacob Hudson

Results & Championship Table

Peter Morrison in action at Belfast Barbarians Christmas Clubnight

Start of Season Postponed Tue 27th Sept 2011
The start of the new season was postponed until further notice as there were not many players available for the above date. Club members will be contacted to arrange a more suitable date.