Sat 5th June 2004 in Q-Bar, Dublin (Tel: 6777835)

Northern Ireland got off to a strong start and were 4-0 up after the first two sessions. There were many close matches but the Northerners just had the edge when it mattered. Joe McRoberts gained 4 victories for the North before losing his last match to John Moore, who was the Republic of Ireland's only unbeaten player. Their No. 1, Gary Moore, surprisingly lost twice, although he also won twice. The much-improved Andy Fitzpatrick got creditable draws against Kenny Beggs & Barry Spence. A very enjoyable, sporting day was had by all and many thanks are due to the Q-Bar, Dublin for providing an excellent venue with great hospitality, including an abundant, free supply of sandwiches.
Republic of Ireland 3-12 Northern Ireland
Session 1 (13:00)    
Gary Moore 0-1 Joe McRoberts
John Moore 2-2 Barry Spence
Darren Territt 0-0 Davy Clegg
Andy Fitzpatrick 1-2 Eoin Adams
Joseph Shorten 0-3 Kenny Beggs
Session 2 (13:30)    
Gary Moore 0-0 Barry Spence
John Moore 1-1 Davy Clegg
Darren Territt 0-0 Eoin Adams
Andy Fitzpatrick 0-0 Kenny Beggs
Joseph Shorten 0-3 Joe McRoberts
Session 3 (14:00)    
Gary Moore 4-3 Davy Clegg
John Moore 0-0 Eoin Adams
Darren Territt 1-2 Kenny Beggs
Andy Fitzpatrick 0-1 Joe McRoberts
Joseph Shorten 0-0 Barry Spence
Session 4 (14:30)    
Gary Moore 3-0 Eoin Adams
John Moore 1-1 Kenny Beggs
Darren Territt 1-3 Joe McRoberts
Andy Fitzpatrick 1-1 Barry Spence
Joseph Shorten 0-4 Davy Clegg
Session 5 (15:00)    
Gary Moore 3-4 Kenny Beggs
John Moore 3-2 Joe McRoberts
Darren Territt 0-1 Barry Spence
Andy Fitzpatrick 0-2 Davy Clegg
Joseph Shorten 0-1 Eoin Adams

International action from the Q-Bar, Dublin: John Moore (ROI) v Eoin Adams (NI)