Inter-Club Friendly
Dorman's Court, Donaghadee, 25th July 2004
North Down 2- 4 Belfast Barbarians
D.Clegg 1-1 B.Spence
S.Rodgers 1-1 J.McRoberts
E.Adams 0-1 K.Beggs
D.Clegg 1-0 J.McRoberts
S.Rodgers 2-1 B.Spence
D.Clegg 1-1 K.Beggs
E.Adams 0-3 B.Spence
S.Rodgers 0-3 K.Beggs
E.Adams 2-3 J.McRoberts
goals: 8-14  
North Down played host to Belfast Barbarians for the 2nd time in two months. The Barbarians made up for their previous defeat by winning 4-2 on this occasion. Goals were scarce at first and the matches were tight until Barry Spence hit three without reply past Eoin Adams. This meant the fixture was still tied going into the last session but wins by Kenny Beggs & Joe McRoberts against Stephen Rodgers & Eoin Adams sealed victory for the Barbarians.