Eoin Adams at FISTF World Cup 2006
June 17th/18th 2006

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Eoin Adams, Northern Ireland's only representative in Germany, was knocked out at the group stage. Italy's Efrem Intra beat Malta's Massimo Cremona in the final. Italy are the World Team Champions again, following their 3-1 final victory against Belgium.

Eoin's Results:

Group 3                           Table     Goals     Pts
V Guimaraes     1:0     A Mair               1 V Guimaraes     11:2     7
E Adams     0:4     JG Einsle               2 JG Einsle     9:2     7
V Guimaraes     2:2     JG Einsle               3 A Mair     5:4     3
E Adams     0:5     A Mair               4 E Adams     0:17     0
JG Einsle     3:0     A Mair
V Guimaraes     8:0     E Adams