2006 Belfast International Grand Prix
W5 Discovery Centre, Odyssey, Belfast
13th/14th May 2006


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Individual Grand Prix:
Sat 13th May 2006, Starting 9:30am (Registration 9am)

Categories: Open, Veteran,Under 19, Under 15, Female
Due to time restrictions, entrants for the Open category may not enter any other category.
There will be a Plate for players eliminated from Open groups.

Team Grand Prix:
Sun 14th May 2006, Starting 10am (Registration 9:30am)

Competition Manager:
Simon Stewart

Open: 10, Veteran: 7, Under 19: 7, Under 15: 5, Female: 5, Team: 10
This includes free entry into

Free Flick Shoot Outs: 2.00 – 4.00pm daily:
Even if you are not participating in the Individual or Team events, you can still be involved in the action, as we invite the general public to take part in our free flick shoot-out. Whether you are jealous of Gerrard, daft on Duff, or can bend it like Beckham come along and try recreating magic football moments in miniature.

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Odyssey, Belfast