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Season 2016-17

Rodgers Wins Derry City Spring Cup 13th Mar 2017
Brendan Rodgers won his 3rd WASPA title, beating Martinog Bradley 2-0 in the final. Ian Greer fought well for a very close semi-final against Brendan. Another great night with seven players, including newcomer, Patrick McKeever. More details on DCTFC Facebook

Martinog Bradley (Runner-up) and Brendan Rodgers (Winner)

Venue: Derry City Sports and Social Club.
Martinog Bradley

Beggs wins Derry City Winter Cup 13th Feb 2017
Derry City Table Football Club held their 4th WASPA tournament at the usual venue, Derry City Sports and Social Club. Kenny Beggs took the honours, beating Mark McCrossan in the Final. Results

Video Highlights:

Video of Final:

More info on DCTFC Facebook

Kenny Beggs (Winner) & Mark McCrossan (Runner-up)

Competitors in the Derry City Winter Cup

Bradley Wins Derry City New Year Cup 16th Jan 2017
Martinog Bradley won Derry City TFC's 3rd WASPA event with a 2-1 victory against Mark McCrossan in the final. It was another good turnout of ten players at the Derry City Sports and Social Club. More info on DCTFC Facebook page

Mark McCrossan (Runner-up) & Martinog Bradley (Winner)

Rodgers Wins Derry City Christmas Cup 19th Dec 2016

Derry City TFC hosted their 2nd WASPA Event, the Christmas Cup. Brendan Rodgers was again victorious, beating Martinog Bradley 4-3 in a shoot-out following an exciting 3-3 draw in the Final. There were nine competitors - six from the host club, two from Strabane and one from Donegal. Results

Competitors in the Derry City Christmas Cup

More info on DCTFC Facebook page.

Brendan Rodgers Wins Derry City Open 21st Nov 2016

Newly formed Derry City Table Football Club hosted their first tournament on Monday. There was a pleasing turnout of 8 players for the WASPA Event, the first in Northern Ireland for two years. Brendan Rodgers of Donegal took the honours, with a 4-1 victory in the final. Results

Brendan Rodgers presented with trophy by Martin Bradley

Competitors at Derry City's first WASPA Event

More photos and reports on the Derry City TFC Facebook Page, including a video of Brendan's outstanding opening goal in the final.

Derry City Table Football Club 9th Nov 2016

Some good news in the west of the province, with the formation of Derry City Table Football Club. They currently have four players and hope to organise a few WASPA events in the near future. They will be a welcome addition to the other clubs in that area - Strabane and Donegal.

For further information, contact Martinog Bradley


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