Irish Premier League
updated 08/02/24

The Irish Premier League Club was formed in Feb 2003 to enable travelling players from North & South of Ireland to take part in FISTF Team Events. Applications are also welcome from foreign players who want team action on their travels.
The Club is registered with Republic of Ireland. As per the FISTF regulations for Club Team Events, only a maximum of two foreign players can play in any given match. Founding members do not count as foreigners.
Current IPL Squad

John Moore, Nicky Moore, Kenny Beggs, Barry Spence, Andy Fitzpatrick, Mick O'Brien, Daniel Kaliszewski, Fiona Moore, Connor Moore, Gerry Harrington, Joe Harrington, Dave Elton, Marco Barqueiro, Ernie Bickerstaff, Adrian Pigott, John Kinsella.

Pigott & Kinsella Sign for IPL 27th Jan 2024

Irish Premier League is pleased to welcome Adrian Pigott and John Kinsella (Silver Fox) to the club. Both are pictured below at the 2024 Donegal Open in January.

Adrian Pigott (left) and John Kinsella, aka Silver Fox (right)

Irish Circuit 2023 Trophy Presentation 27th Jan 2024

2023 Irish Circuit Champion, IPL's Kenny Beggs, was presented with the trophy by previous holder, Mark Farrell, at the opening circuit event of 2024 in Donegal.

2023 Irish Circuit Champion, Kenny Beggs, receives trophy in Donegal

Wobbly Hobby League 18th-19th Nov 2023

Irish Premier League were represented in the Wobbly Hobby League by Andy Fitzpatrick, Daniel Kaliszewski, Joe Harrington, Gerry Harrington and guest player, Gary Singer. They did well to finish 6th in Division 2 with 11 points, following an unfortunate set of circumstances. They lost Marco Barqueiro due to a broken finger before the event. Joe & Gerry could only play the first day, which left Andy & Daniel for Day 2. Thanks to Gareth Singer for stepping in to make a team of 3 for the remainder of the event. Despite all the misfortune, the team enjoyed the weekend, with plenty of games.

Gareth Singer, Daniel Kaliszewski & Andy Fitzpatrick at Wobbly Hobby League

Joe Harrington & Gerry Harrington making up the rest of the squad

Ruby Matthews v Andy Fitzpatrick

Brian Spoors v Daniel Kaliszewski

Gareth Singer v Willie Fleming

Wobbly Hobby League - Division 1 Table

Wobbly Hobby League - Division 2 Table

Blast From the Past

Preston 2004: K.Beggs, G.Moore, D.Territt, J.Moore

Dumfries 2005: J.Moore, G.Moore, K.Beggs, N.Moore

2006 Manchester GP: Kenny Beggs 2 Delphine Dieudonne 1